Company History

Company History began as a vision that turned into a reality to become one of Ireland’s leading retailers of kitchen bar stools. Selling a variety of bar stools, our unique designs have won the hearts of people across the country. You can learn more about our humble beginnings by reading our company history.


2006 – Grand Opening

We had an idea to start a bar stool selling business. Using our extensive experience in creating and designing bar stools, we executed a plan to launch and gradually, built it to what it is today.

2012 – The website goes up

In the age of the internet, having a user-friendly and functioning website became our next goal. We established our website to increase our reach. Through it, we connected with many homeowners and business owners in need of a perfectly crafted bar stool.

2015 to 2018 – Product expansion in full swing

Every company starts somewhere and we did by introducing our durable and high-quality kitchen bar stools. Our collection received a lot of love from our customers but growth needs to be constant. Therefore, changing customer demands called for a product expansion. This led us to expand our collection to include wooden bar stools, outdoor bar stools, and high stools.

2020 – Another product expansion in the cards


A successful company is one that fully understands the bar stool market and keeps a close eye on the needs and wants of customers. That year, velvet bar stools became one of the hottest and fastest-selling kitchen bar stools. So, we went to work on creating eye-catching and ergonomically friendly upholstered velvet bar stools in numerous exciting colours.

2022 – New website coming and popular payment methods to be added


An obsolete website will not have the same pull as a website made with users in mind.  By implementing the latest upgrades, we will increase our site traffic and visibility online. We will redesign our entire website to further improve ease of use and enhance security.

Our customers will be able to easily navigate to different pages without experiencing any delays in loading time and order knowing their personal details are secure and safe with us. They can also see a detailed description of the product and pictures depicting its measurements to allow them to select the right bar stool for their home or pub.

Aside from revamping our website, we also will add the two most common payment methods, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

2024 – New showroom opens and lots more great designs coming

The big opening of our new showroom gives us more room to introduce a wide variety of kitchen bar stools. It also helps to reach a whole new segment of people who prefer to view our bar stools and high stools in person.


Over time, we plan to put our creativity and imagination to the test by creating more exceptional bar stools. In the coming years, we aim to grow our already massive bar stool collection. Stay tuned for our latest creations!

Time for You to Discover Our Kitchen Bar Stools, Decorate Your Space, and Reveal It to Receive Compliments


Get in touch with us at +353 42 942 2400 or email us at to get to know us more. We’re here if you experience any issues with your bar stool or have questions.